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#18400 - MIP Bypass1™ Pistons, 6-Hole Set, 16mm, Mugen 1/8th
#18400 - MIP Bypass1™ Pistons, 6-Hole Set, 16mm, Mugen 1/8th

#18400 - MIP Bypass1™ Pistons, 6-Hole Set, 16mm, Mugen 1/8th

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 #18400 - MIP Bypass1™ Pistons, 6-Hole Set, 16mm, Mugen 1/8th

The Future is Bypass1™, the Future is MIP!

The all new MIP Bypass1™ pistons for the 1/8th Mugen are a MUST HAVE! These pistons are not like anything you have  ever experienced before. The MIP Bypass1™ pistons are fully customizable and allow you to control your shocks rebound speed and your cars performance.  MIP Bypass1™ Pistons are also Dyno Tuned to ensure they match the compression characteristics of the stock pistons!

Featuring MIP Color Coded Valves™, MIP Bypass1™ Pistons combined together with our valves allow you to control and maximize your cars shocks performance based on which valves you use. Thicker valves generate a slower rebound and thinner vales get you quicker rebounds. Mix and match valves together and find the best set up for you and your car!

MIP Bypass1™ pistons are being used by some of the top racers in the world, including Adam Drake and Ryan Maifield. The MIP Bypass1™ technology is guaranteed to give you that world champion edge on the track!

The MIP Bypass1™ technology is here to stay, and will be the STANDARD in RC Racing throughout the universe. Don’t get left behind. The future of of RC Racing is here , order your MIP Bypass1™ Kits today.

The MIP Bypass1™ Difference!

MIP Color Coded Valves™ Different color valves allow you to identify which thickness valve your using. The result? You can tune your shocks to optimize your cars performance. Stack the valves for even more fine tuning!

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