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89609 Nomad Driver Helmets
89609 Nomad Driver Helmets

89609 Nomad Driver Helmets

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Part Number:ASC89609
Tekno DB48 Nomad Drivers Helmets 

 How to convert the Tekno SCT410.3 into the DB48

Tekno Parts-

--- ET48 chassis 

- TKR5601 ET48 rear brace (optional) 

- TKR5362 1/8th front center driveshaft 

- TKR5191 ET48 rear center driveshaft 

- TKR5676A 1/8th Center diff outdrives 

- TKR5114XB 1/8th Diff couplers (2 needed) 

- TKR5075 ET48 ring gear (2 needed) 

- TKR5403 ET48 pinion gear (2 needed) 

- TKR5405

  AE Parts-

---- Nomad DB8 cage 

- ASC89600 Front and rear body mount set 

- ASC89579 Nomad DB8 body panel set 

- ASC89605 Nomad DB8 driver cockpit 

- ASC89608 Nomad DB8 driver helmets 

- ASC89609 The rear body mounts go on the tower pretty easily. You can turn the M4 nut around so as to still engage it with a nut driver.  For the front, you can use an M4 hex spacer (10mm or 12mm long I think) in place of the nut, then put the body mount on the end of that, secured with a M4 BH screw, all to space the mount more rearward.  You could mount the front mount directly on the tower and space the rear mount forward to achieve the same effect, just depends on how you want the cage to sit.  Basically our chassis is about 10mm too long so the body mounts had to be moved closer together.   You can also switch the rear suspension arms and hubs to the old SCT410 version to gain more wheel clearance and maintain a narrower overall width. To further improve upon this, you can run them in the short arm configuration, again for clearance.  And since these hubs have 1 degree of toe built in it's best to run 1.5-2 degrees of toe at the inner pins. SCT rear arms - TKR5530 SCT rear hubs - TKR5540B   If you don't run these arms and hubs you'll have to run wider SLW hubs for the rear, 725 or 850.  With these arms you should be able to run 600 hubs front and rear (using Vanquish wheels).  SSD wheels have more offset built in so you should be able to use 475 hubs and still clear everything.  For the PL wheels 600 hubs works.

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