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Avid Tekno NB48 2.0 Bearing Kit Revolution

Avid Tekno NB48 2.0 Bearing Kit Revolution

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Part Number:AV-TKR-NB4820
This is a bearing kit by Avid RC for the Tekno NB48 2.0.


This kit has a lot of new features which requires a lot of unique bearing locations. If you use our default bearing selections, please make note of the same size bearings with different seal types below so you put them in the right locations.

(4) 5x8 Rubber - Swaybars
(4) 5x8 Revolution - Ackermann Plate
(4) 5x10 Rubber - Caster Blocks
(1) 5x10 Revolution - Clutch (remember to blow out grease with an air compressor for any clutch bearing)

Bearing kit is set to include our new Clutch bearings which are metal shielded at $2/ea and designed to handle the most extreme clutch conditions. It is recommended to always blow out the grease in your clutch bearings with an air compressor. 


  • 4 x 5x8x2.5 Revolution
  • 4 x 15x21x4 Revolution
  • 4 x 8x16x5 Flanged Revolution
  • 4 x 5x10x4 Rubber
  • 4 x 5x8x2.5 Rubber
  • 4 x 6x10x3 Revolution
  • 4 x 8x16x5 Revolution
  • 2 x 6x13x5 Rubber
  • 2 x 5x11x4 Revolution
  • 2 x 5x14x5 Rubber
  • 1 x 5x13x4 Metal | Clutch
  • 1 x 5x10x4 Metal | Clutch

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